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[3 CD] 伊斯兰传统音乐  Islam traditional music

[3 CD] 伊斯兰传统音乐 Islam traditional music

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这是一个令人难以置信的专辑,涵盖了整个伊斯兰世界的传统音乐。This is an incredible collection that will shed a great deal of light on the music of Islam,both in the Middle East and beyond.If you are interested in hearing the music of the Muslim world,whether the Middle East or beyond,this three CD series is a very good place to start. It covers everything from Moroccan weddings and the Indonesian gamelan to Sufi observances and the classical music of Pakistan.Those who are interested in percussion,especially Middle Eastern percussion,will no doubt appreciate this CD. RO Player,Innovation for You,Characteristic:▪ Edit the playlist,[move up] ,[move down],[like],[dislike]▪ A powerful album management ▪ More than 10 skin,select the style you likemusic list:[Music.in.the.World.of.Islam.Vol.1]01 Recitation Of Verses Of The Qu'ran02 Dhikr03 Houri04 Bedouin Wedding Songs05 Ghazal,Or Love Song06 Gurdum Gurdum07 Song At The Feast After Ramadan08 Haddadi09 Kavali10 Abu Zeluf11 Leader - Chorus Song12 Radha - Ga's13 Love Song14 Tahlil15 Taqsim In Maqam Iraq16 Taqsim In Maqam Hejaz17 Hausi In Makam Iraq18 Tar Solo In Dastgah Mahur19 Tambur Solo20 Gunbri21 Taskim In Makam Nishaburek22 Solo In Dastgah Af-Shari23 Wedding SongfolderThumb[Music.in.the.World.of.Islam.Vol.2]01 Saroz Solo & Sher02 Qanun Solo In Maqam Kurd03 Rabab & Gogue Solo04 Rababa Solo05 Kamaycha06 Kemence Karadenis07 Rabab And Voices08 Santur Solo In Dastgah Homayon09 Mesenqo10 Tambura11 Joza Solo In Maqam Sabah12 Makino13 Lahara14 Wedding Procession15 Nay16 Nay17 Nafir18 Langaga Patanchanada19 Ivory Trumpets20 Duduk21 Nay22 Dehi Sher23 Hadra24 PodinafolderThumb[Music.in.the.World.of.Islam.Vol.3]01 Panihari02 Mey Solo03 Jirbe04 Music For Formal Classic Dance05 Kama And Double-Naqqara06 Dil-Tyuduk Solo07 Wedding Procession08 Saltarello09 Tulum Solo10 Music To Call The Spirits11 Shephards' Songs From Syria12 Poonzuk13 Ghoomar14 Dance Music15 Drum Solo16 Orchestra Of The Sultan Of Dosso17 Dance Music18 Chang Solo19 Adhari20 Solo21 Religious Observances Of Al Haq Sect22 Dindoun23 Zarb and Santur24 Ayala25 Mihbash26 Ghaita27 Bendir

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