• 大小:50.0M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
【简短的介绍】●堆栈塔是一个有趣的,优雅的和令人上瘾的手机游戏!现在堆栈塔的新时尚。人们争先恐后地玩这个精彩的比赛!只需轻点屏幕打造世界有史以来最高的摩天大楼!谁将会叠加高?谁将会打造世界上最高的塔?让我们试试吧。 ●如何玩1.堆叠起来的瓷砖和建立一个塔。2.建立,你可以一样高的塔。不要点击太快了! 【详细说明】●堆栈塔是一个水龙头游戏,容易发挥,但在同一时间非常具有挑战性!在堆栈塔,新的瓦片滑动保持较瓷砖。点击屏幕放置新的瓦片完全相同,比瓷砖。但是,如果你不能够正确地放置砖,瓷砖会开裂,减少,使你更难的地方,直到你不能完全把瓷砖下一tile.You必须继续这样做。然后是游戏结束。 与简单的游戏,你可以玩堆叠塔,而你是在公交车上,还是在车上,还是在地铁里,还是在飞机上,什么都,即使在非常情况下人头攒动。 ●堆栈塔配有简单和漂亮的图形!堆叠塔拥有典雅和美丽的图形。当你把砖比以前的,每个瓦片将切换颜色随时间,形成了丰富多彩的神话般的塔。每次玩堆栈塔的时候,你可以建立一个丰富多彩的塔不同的设计和着色。 ●堆栈塔有节奏和迷人的音乐和声音!我们建立堆栈塔与努力,并希望为您提供最好的游戏体验,而音乐是我们所关心的最重要的事情之一。在堆栈塔音乐和声音是经过精心挑选和制作的,旨在为您呈现最佳的音频氛围。 【特征】●非常有趣和愉快的游戏●节奏的音乐和美丽的图形●适用于所有年龄的玩家●微型游戏的大小和运行良好●物理为基础的游戏,挑战你的平衡能力●构建塔朋友和家人●通过Facebook,谷歌,Twitter和Instagram的shareit 【支持】如果您有任何问题,欢迎到我们:*支持电子邮件:DichoMobile@yeah.net* Facebook的:https://www.facebook.com/Stack-Tower-1751700081776197/* Twitter的:https://twitter.com/DichoMobile如果你喜欢堆栈塔 - 彩瓦,请您留下您的评价,以帮助我们进一步提高。谢谢!【Short Description】● Stack Tower is an fun, elegant and addictive mobile game!Now Stack Tower is the new fashion. People are racing to play this wonderful game! Just tap the screen to build the highest skyscraper the world ever seen!Who will stack higher? Who will build the highest tower in the world? Let's try and see. Time to Stack Tower! ● How to Play1. Stack up the tiles and build a tower.2. Build the tower as tall as you can. Don't Tap too fast! 【Detailed Description】● Stack Tower is a one tap game, easy to play but in the same time very challenging!In Stack Tower, new tiles keep sliding over the previous tiles. Tap the screen to place the new tiles exactly over the previous tiles. However, if you are not able to place the tiles properly, the tiles will crack and diminish, making it harder for you to place the next tile.You must continue to do so until you fail to place the tiles completely. Then it is game over. With simplest gameplay, you can play Stack Tower while you are on a bus, or in car, or in subway, or on plane, what ever, even in a very thronged circumstance. ● Stack Tower has simple and beautiful graphics!Stack Tower has elegant and beautiful graphics. When you put the tiles over the previous ones, each tile will switch color over the time, forming a colorful and fabulous tower. Each time you play Stack Tower, you can build a colorful tower with a different design and coloring. ● Stack Tower has rhythm and fascinating music and sounds!We build Stack Tower with great efforts and wish to provide you the best gaming experience, and music is one of the most important things we care about. The music and sound in Stack Tower is carefully selected and crafted, aiming to present you the best audio atmosphere. 【Features】● Very fun and enjoyable game● Rhythmic music and beautiful graphics● Suitable for players of all age● Tiny game size and run well● Physics-based game, challenge your balance ability● Build tower with friends and families● shareit through Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram 【Support】If you have any question, feel free to reach us on:* Support email: DichoMobile@yeah.net* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stack-Tower-1751700081776197/* Twitter: https://twitter.com/DichoMobileIf you do like Stack Tower - Color Tiles, please kindly leave a review to help us improve further. Thank you!

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