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Date Formatter 日期时间格式化输出

Date Formatter 日期时间格式化输出

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对于开发者,格式化输出时间是一件枯燥又麻烦的任务。是不是不断地在代码中更改格式化语句,然后运行来看输出的样式?Date Formatter 日期时间格式化输出是一个很方便的工具。您可以设置任何时间,任何时区和任何国家语言,输入格式化语句,马上就能看到结果。功能:- 设置任意日期时间- 设置任意时区- 选择任意国家地区和语言- 查看快速指南,简化版的示例- 查看详细版参考,适用于更加复杂和准确的时间格式输出Have you ever felt headache when dealing with date/time format string? When things come to localized date/time format, it's difficult.Date Formatter is a handy tool for developer who is dealing with date/time format string. It makes your life with date format easier! With this tool, you can test any format string with any date/time and see the result simultaneously. Never tweak format strings in code and run the program again and again.Features:- Set any date/time- Set different time zones- Support more than 689 locales (you can test date strings in any country your iOS device support)- Quick guide with examples- Detailed reference with symbol, number of symbols, examples and descriptionsNow, speed up with your work with date time string and localization!

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    正在等待Date Formatter 日期时间格式化输出下载完毕,为了能够遇到一个符合我预期的实用工具软件,真是费了老劲了。
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    既然这个Date Formatter 日期时间格式化输出是国产软件,那我就会一直支持下去的