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The English - Chinese Dictionary & Phrasebook provides you a comprehensive and fastest offline dictionary combined with millions of bilingual example sentences, flashcards and phrasebook. If you want to learn English the most effective way, there's no better choice than this app! FEATURES • The biggest and fastest offline dictionary with millions of items of all kinds: English - Chinese, English - English, Thesaurus, Idioms, ...• Powerful merged search: look up words by Chinese characters, or English, with support for wildcards and full-text search. And no need to tediously flip between all of those dictionaries to find a word - just type in your search term and instantly get a combined, frequency-sorted result list.• Links and cross-references: easily look up character components, break down words into individual characters, look up lists of words containing a particular character, search across all dictionaries for example sentences containing a word, and even find synonyms / antonyms using our (experimental) free thesaurus add-on.• Most common English conversation phrases and expressions.• English verb conjugations• Learning new vocabulary words is easy with vocabulary flashcards. • Rules for using irregular verbs• Basic English Grammar• Most common phrasal verbs• Pronunciation Tips• Look-up for phrases in millions of high quality, hand picked dual-lingual English - Chinese sentences• Natural sounding voice using iSpeech technology• Hyperlinks between articles and directions. • Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words. • Search History to revise your recent words and phrases.-----------英英字典提供超过100万英文字的定义、同义词、反义词、语法和使用范例,并支援英式英语、和美式英语的离线发音,简繁体互换及提供英汉/ 汉英双向在线翻译。英汉字典 / 英英字典的特点:- 超过100万英文字的定义、同义词、反义词、语法和使用范例- 内置同义词、反义词词典- 离线使用, 为您节省流量。查词无需联网,发音功能在联网下载免费的语音库后亦可离线使用- 标准英中发音 (英式英语和美式英语离线发音)- 在线翻译 (英汉 / 汉英双向翻译)- 每日一字 (每天学习一个新的英文生字!)- 抽认卡 - 轻松学习词汇- 短语集 - 集合常用短语- 支持自动简体、繁体中文切换

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    还在研究English 中,很多功能不会用~~
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    我发现4.9的English 相比上一版不容易崩溃了,不错不错
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    English 虽然是免费软件的,但还是有些问题,有待改进呀~