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天天画中画图像编辑器- 照片图片P图神器

天天画中画图像编辑器- 照片图片P图神器

  • 大小:42.9M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:摄影录像
  • 系统:ios
画中画美图编辑软件今天限免了,随时恢复原价30元,苹果手机专有版本,让你的照片呈现出别样的炫目,我们精选了市面上APP都没有的70多种(还会继续增加)的画中画边框,加上几十种常用滤镜,让你的照片与众不同。主要功能:1.使用摄像头拍照或相册中的图片2.高清图片自动保持和各种社交软件分享3.炫目的各种画中画图片编辑效果- 玻璃,扇子,相框,绿叶等待4.各种常用滤镜让你的照片更与众不同PIP Photo Editor puts your photo into another photo with special frames. Lets you create stunning photos with creative frames.PIP Can use any age group because of its easy to use strategy, Some of cool features in PIP Photo Editor are below.Key Features:1.Choose any photo from your gallery or take a selfie with camera.2.Save Photo in HD resolution3.Awesome Photo Effect with various Objects like - Glass,Outdoor,love Etc..4.Blur background square photos would make you share your entire photos on Instagram.5.Contain Wide range of PIP Photo filter6.Share your awesome photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks to impress your friends with creation of this great photo editor tool.

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