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海洋动物有趣的益智 (Ocean Animals Puzzle)

海洋动物有趣的益智 (Ocean Animals Puzzle)

  • 大小:45.2M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
#1白俄罗斯孩子们的游戏中!#2在巴西的孩子们的游戏!#2在马其顿的孩子们的游戏!免费设计非常美丽的海洋/海洋动物从0至6岁的孩子和幼儿的安全和儿童友好的婴儿动物拼图。从McPeppergames加载新的益智游戏,看到自己为什么孩子和幼儿McPeppergames难题攻坚全球排名前10位的行列!没有任何广告和免费玩三木形状拼图!你可以解锁游戏里面多了很多的难题。一旦上锁,随时可以恢复所有设备解锁!这是一个普遍的应用程序,可以安装在iPhone和iPad!您可以关闭所有外部链接每个游戏的游戏体验,而让你的孩子不小心移出游戏安全会议(例如开发网站)。如果你要发送的反馈意见,建议或者请在info@mcpeppergames.com联系McPeppergames谢谢!---------------------------------------The Top #1 kids game in Belarus! The Top #2 kids game in Brazil! The Top #2 kids game in Macedonia! The free safe and child-friendly baby animal puzzle for kids and toddlers from age 0 to 6 with very beautiful designed ocean / sea animals.Load this new puzzle game from McPeppergames and see for yourself why McPeppergames puzzles for kids and toddlers are storming the top 10 ranks worldwide!Play three wooden shape puzzles for free and without any ads!You can unlock a lot more puzzles from inside the game. Once unlocked you can restore the unlock anytime for all your devices!This is an universal app and you can install it on your iPhone AND iPad!You can turn off all external links (for example to the developer website) for each play session making the game experience safe without letting your kid accidently move outside the game.If your kid likes this game please vote and take a look at the other free puzzles from McPeppergames!Voting will help us develop more content and more games for your kid!If you want to send feedback, suggestions or else please contact McPeppergames at info@mcpeppergames.comThank you for playing!Have fun!

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