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疯狂的小猪跳跃类游戏 - 笨拙的的小猪在森林中运行

疯狂的小猪跳跃类游戏 - 笨拙的的小猪在森林中运行

  • 大小:95.7M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Dash through the woods! Guide your little piglet – run, fly and jump for as long as you can! Jump from one platform to another but do it carefully, the piglet can be very clumsy! Watch out not to jump too high and hit into the tree, or not to jump far enough and fall down! Blast off on a wild jumping adventure and get this fully entertaining and immensely replayable action-packed arcade game for free!Easily master the gameplay of "Crazy Piglet Jumping ":- Direct the jump of your little crazy piglet – jump precisely on each next platform!- Two things may kill you: jumping too high and hitting into the tree, or not jumping far enough and falling down!- Just tap to jump & fly in the air and win this race!- Double tap to perform a mega jump!- Cute piggy with eye-popping cartoon graphics and vivid colors make the playing highly enjoyable!- Simple and intuitive controls!- Fun and addictive gameplay!*** Run pig run! ***Run through the forest and turn into a super jetpack jumper having fun on its joyride journey! This endless animal adventure game is a top side-scroller and platform jumping game! Don't jump like your gran – place a double tap and make a super mega jump! Dash through the woods like a rocket piggy! If you are looking for adventure games and action games free to download, you're at the right place! *** Start your epic jump journey! ***It's adventure time so obtain this cartoon game and start your epic jump journey! Prepare your fingers for some happy mega jumping and keep on hopping from one platform to the next one – zigzag jumping can be so fun! You'll instantly get hooked on this hyper fun arcade game! It's visually stunning, super fun, endlessly replayable and completely free-to-play! Be the greatest ninja pig, get one of the best 2015 games for kids and adults and get ready for some serious hopping, leaping and bouncing! *** It's time for a fun run! *** All casual gamers and fans of action arcade games and flappy games will enjoy this super piggy game! Hop piggie hop, run, fly and jump fast because this mega jumping mania is crazy and quick-to-play! If you like to play games with jumping on platforms and running endlessly, and you're bored with monkey jungle runs, ninja kids, zombies and monsters on their epic adventures and temple races, then this addictive platform game is perfect for you! Get Crazy Piglet Jumping for free! It's time for a piggy adventure! Try it now!

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疯狂的小猪跳跃类游戏 - 笨拙的的小猪在森林中运行评论

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