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爱的声音发电机 – 演说转换器和声音编辑应用程序与可爱的效果

爱的声音发电机 – 演说转换器和声音编辑应用程序与可爱的效果

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Do you have someone special who you want to cheer up? Do you just like laughing with dear people? With Love Voice Generator you can use all the special sound effects offered to make the most humorous recording! Lift everyone's spirits up with this great audio application! You can even save the modified sounds and use them as your ringtone, so that you'll crack up every time you hear it! Wait no more, install Love Voice Generator and start making history!*-* Simply tap and record your voice!*-* Add cool sound effects!*-* Trim and modify recordings easily!*-* Set as ringtone, alarm, message sound!*-* Share across all big social networks!*-* Enjoy playing with different vocal variations!*-*-* Make comical recordings and energize the people you love!Some people live by the mantra 'live, love, laugh', and why shouldn't you? If you already have someone you love, bring a smile on their face with this hilarious voice changer! Not only will you encourage them, but you will grow even closer! Laughter brings people together, so record your voices, add the funniest sound effects and you're done! The fun can begin!*-*-* Having fun is essential with Love Voice Generator!Transform your voice with a simple tap! If you are a kind of person who likes telling jokes and playing pranks on your friends, you will definitely enjoy using this app! There are endless possibilities for laughter and fun, so take the app, record something and start making uproarious recordings! Save them to listen to them later and laugh enormously when you remember making them! It is suitable for all ages, so grab the app and start sharing priceless humor!*-*-* Make something new and brighten your every day!Making something new and changing things is always exhilarating! Especially when it can be your own voice, or voices of your friends and family! Nothing is more fun than hearing yourself sound strange! Open the app and modify the recordings to your liking! When you're happy with your finished product, share it easily with everyone on major social networks! The possibility of great fun is here, so take it and entertain yourself for days!Love Voice Generator is free to download and use. Some options, like removing ads, require payment, which can only be accessed through In-App Purchase. If this is not something you would like to use, please disable in-app purchases in the settings of your device.

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爱的声音发电机 – 演说转换器和声音编辑应用程序与可爱的效果评论

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