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*** Welcome to our animal hospital, where cute kittens from all over the country come to seek help from the best pet doctor – you! Help our little furry friends, make them healthy and happy again, unlock new hospitals and have the best time!** Features:* Many different cats to treat!* 8 animal hospitals! Collect stars and unlock them all!* 9 types of medical problems – diagnose your kitty cat patients and help them feel better!* High quality graphics and adorable sound animations!* Realistic medical equipment and medicines – syringes, stethoscope, X-ray, bandaids, potions, ointments and more!** Cure little cats from different injuries and diseases:** Fever – help your kitty cat patients by taking their temperature and giving them a medicine!** Thicks – extract thorns with real veterinary equipment, spray thicks & apply an ointment!** Ear infection – find and kill bacteria that are hiding in the ears of adorable pets!** Sore throat – spray the nasty bacteria, cure cute baby pets and be the best veterinary doctor in the world!** Bites – make a potion to treat cats that got bitten!** Cuts – baby pets are clumsy, so there's a lot of work for a skilled veterinarian to clean and stitch wounds!** Stomach ache – in this crazy pet surgery game, you can also perform ultrasound like in a real animal hospital! When little pets are cured, feed the little kitty with food from a pet store!** Broken bones – pet caring games also include fixing broken bones! You're the best animal doctor & surgeon so you must do cat care & cat surgery all alone!** Toothache – your cute little pet cat patient has some cavity issues! Feel like a real pet dentist & have fun because animal dentist games are so addictive!*** Inside the pet hospital game, there are many cute animals that you, as the best pet doctor, have to rescue! Download our new animal vet game for kids ** My Little Cat Doctor:Pet Vet Hospital ** and start you cat vet career – provide the best care for baby animals in this pet veterinary game!

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