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JobTime 工作时间

JobTime 工作时间

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什么时候我的工作日停吗?星期呢?工作时间告诉你!这不是跟别的程序一样 .你可以程序电子标签:一个星期的每天工作多少小时计算加班或曪岺小时的开本工作小时的活动记工作开始时间和结束时间而结合活动(–瑽 活动一天)很容易.你可以保存,删去,改变数据;见一个月工作小时的加法或一个星期或一天的工作小时;用电子邮件发送 csv 报告.你可以总是知道多少小时你工作了从早上和从本周开始 Ž§ 什么时候工作日和工作周结束!可使用的语:意大利语,英语, 法语,中文.你试一试它, 如果你要别信息访问网站http://jobtimeapp.wordpress.com---------------------------------------------What time does my workday end? And my workweek?JobTime knows it!Not the usual App for work time management but a very user friendly App…In Settings you can configure:how many hours to work every day of the weekextra time or lump sum profilehour display formatTasks to be assigned to each worked hourvery easy recording of work start and stop hours, just a click! you can also assign them to the created tasks (as much as you want in a day)Insert, delete and update notesdisplay the worked hours report grouped by month, week and day for each tasksend the csv report by emailand mostly JobTime tells you in real time for how many hours you are working today and this week; JobTime tells you also at what time your workday or your workweek ends!Languages: english, italian, french, chineseTry it! for more info visit the blog http://jobtimeapp.wordpress.com

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