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可爱的猫跳跳跃和飞行游戏- 在橡皮糖世界糖果凯蒂猫的冒险

可爱的猫跳跳跃和飞行游戏- 在橡皮糖世界糖果凯蒂猫的冒险

  • 大小:90.3M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Hello, dear friends, let us take you to the magic Candy land, the place where our flappy kitty likes to run and jump freely! Be the ultimate ice cream jumper and don't let our little cat fall off the platform or crash into ice cream obstacles! Download Loony Jumpy Cat Jump & Fly Up, and this hyper cool mega jumping and running adventure game will fill your days with joy and lots of good fun! Easily master the gameplay of "Loony Jumpy Cat: Jump & Fly Up" by following these tips:- Direct the jump of your little hoppy cat – jump precisely on each next platform!- Two things may kill you: jumping too high and hitting into the ice cream, or not jumping far enough to reach the next platform and falling down!- Just tap to jump & fly in the air and win this race!- Double tap to perform a mega jump!Cool game features:- Cute kitty with eye-popping cartoon graphics and vivid colors make the playing highly enjoyable!- Simple and intuitive controls!- Fun and addictive gameplay!* Meow! Say hello to our cute kitty! *If you're looking for free running games where you can run, jump and dash your way through the tricky platforms, you're in the right place! Make our cute flappy kitten run, jump and hop along tricky obstacles made of candy and ice cream treats! This fluffy flying cat will become your new furry best friend! Download for free this awesome arcade jumper run and start your candy saga right away!* Test your tapping skills! *Run kitty run through the Candy land and turn into a super jetpack jumper having fun on its joyride journey! This endless animal adventure game is a top side-scroller and “platform jumping game”! Don't jump like your gran – place a double tap or even a triple tap and make a hyper flying “mega jump”! Just keep tapping to continue flying, bouncing, and running on candy platforms! Be the best kitty double jumper! * Embark on a Fast-Paced Epic Jump Journey! *Get Loony Jumpy Cat: Jump & Fly Up and get on an fast-paced mega jump journey! This is the best time-killer game for boys and girls, kids, teenagers and adults! All casual gamers and fans of action arcade games and flappy kitten games will enjoy this super kitty game! Be the best tap tap jumper, make our bouncy flappy cat bounce out her way through the Candy land! Meow, hop kitty hop, run, fly and jump fast because this mega jumping mania is crazy and quick-to-play!* It's time for a kitty adventure! *This funny cat game will cause extremely addiction, no mater whether you're a girl gamer, a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer! Become the ultimate flappy ninja cat, jump and fly between ice cream obstacles and sugar candy platforms to beat your high score! Take a good care of your cute cat astronaut and help her to reach its candy bars and lollipops! You will fall in love at first sight with your cute pink and yellow cat! It's time for a fun run! Try it now!

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可爱的猫跳跳跃和飞行游戏- 在橡皮糖世界糖果凯蒂猫的冒险评论

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    这个1的可爱的猫跳跳跃和飞行游戏- 在橡皮糖世界糖果凯蒂猫的冒险我发现还是有些历史遗留的小毛病,也不知道下次更新会不会改过来。