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可爱的装扮和弥补游戏与滑稽的小马和美丽的女孩王子 - 独角兽

可爱的装扮和弥补游戏与滑稽的小马和美丽的女孩王子 - 独角兽

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=== Download the COOLEST CELEBRITY DRESSUP GAME on the appstore ===Living as a celebrity pony girl might seem easy and careless, but actually it can be very intensive. There are events to attend, an audience to impress, so many things to do...And of course, there's always picking the most attention-grabbing clothes. Celebrities are famous for their beauty and amazing taste in clothes so you have to live up to the standards. But lately spare time has been so hard to come by...This is where you come in! ìMy Celebrity Ponyî is a dress up game for girls. Get your creative thinking rolling and help these celebrities pony girls with their choice of outfit.The whole world awaits you!How To PlayìMy Celebrity Ponyî is a fashionable game that lets you choose from eight fictional celebrity pony girls. After picking your girl, you will be able to customize all details of her outfit and put your creativity into colorful use.The game lets you pick across numerous different styles of dresses, pants, tops, hair styles, bags, shoes and jewelries. Each category is diverse so you can experiment as much as you like!There are also rare extras which introduce one-of-a-kind items. Various backgrounds in multiple colors and patterns will introduce a brand new setting to your celebrity's outfit!ìMy Celebrity Ponyî is free to play. However, there are certain features that can be unlocked for a small fee. Creativity has to be shared! This is why the game lets you share your gorgeous celebrity outfits with your friends. You can share them either on social media such as Facebook or Twitter or via email.

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可爱的装扮和弥补游戏与滑稽的小马和美丽的女孩王子 - 独角兽评论

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