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The mutant wrestling championship is under way. The event has attracted great crowds, ready to see some action from the world's top wrestlers. Flashy stadiums, loud cheering and intense fights ñ what's not to like?However, one of the top wrestling stars has become seriously ill and he can't participate. It is you that the organizers have invited to join the tournament. Before that, though, you have to get your outfit done properly.In ìMutant Wrestler Dress Upî you are to design your very own and unique wrestler outfit. You can hear the crowd cheering for you from here. Are you ready?How to playìMutant Wrestler Dress Upî is a dress up game for boys rich on design and fashion choices. The game starts with you picking one of the eight wrestlers and then customizing his outfit. You can select different body and head accessories, hair styles, tops, singlets, trunks or shoes. There are also a lot of extras, some of which unlocked only with gold coins. As a finishing touch, you can also choose from a set of backgrounds which will put your wrestler in a different light.ìMutant Wrestler Dress Upî is free to play and you can enjoy most of its features without paying anything. However, there is a paid version that involves a small fee if you wish to unlock all eight wrestlers and have an access to unique, secret accessories and extras.The game has a strong social aspect to it. After you have created your stunning wrestler outfit and are ready to enter the tournament, you can share what you have designed. You can do so either on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or by email.

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