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WealthPark - 房產投資,隨時隨地,輕鬆管理

WealthPark - 房產投資,隨時隨地,輕鬆管理

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WealthPark 是專為房地產投資者推出的軟件,讓投資者從世界各地都能輕鬆、有效地管理自己的房地產投資。如此簡單快捷的海外房產投資管理,可能會超出你的想象!通過WealthPark 投資動態及狀況永遠在你掌握之中。你可以選擇適合你的管理方法 —— 時常查看並深入了解房產投資及其收支的每一個細節,或只在需要時接收重要信息。WealthPark 房地產投資者提供各種功能:* 快速瀏覽整個房地產投資組合的最新狀況* 查看各物業的財務狀況,深入了解每一項收入及支出* 利用內建聊天系統,隨時聯絡物業管理團隊提出任何問題或需求* 保管物業相關重要文件,任何時候地點讓你隨手可及* 隨時檢視各物業資料、租賃詳情及貸款細節* 閱讀不斷更新的市場報告,關注最新的投資趨勢* 直接聯絡房產中介,討論下一步投資方向… 還有更多的功能,即將推出!想了解更多資訊,請到 http://wealth-park.com/tc/如果有任何意見或疑問,歡迎聯絡我們:app@wealth-park.com請注意,WealthPark 暫時只適用於日本房地產。----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WealthPark lets you manage your real estate investments from the comfort of your sofa or on the go. Managing overseas property investment has never been this easy!With WealthPark, you are always in control of your investments. You decide how you want to manage your portfolio – to dig into as much details as you want in the app, or just send us a quick message to ask anything.With the WealthPark iPhone app:* Monitor the status of your whole real estate portfolio at a glance* Review the financials of each property down to each detailed expense item* Chat with your property manager about any questions or emerging needs* Store important documents all in one place for instant access* Check your property, tenant and loan information anytime you want* Keep an eye on the latest investment trends with up-to-date market reports* Directly contact your property broker to discuss next investment decisions… plus many more features coming soon!
For more information, please visit http://wealth-park.com/Have a comment or suggestion? Please email us at: app@wealth-park.comNote: WealthPark is for properties in Japan only at this time.

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