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  • 类别:效率工具
  • 系统:ios
BeetleCam甲虫相机相册清理大师让你轻松优化宝贵的iPhone/iPad和iCloud存储空间。一键分析手机相册,瞬间帮你挑出多余照片,并一键删除!使用这个应用程序的用户在他们的设备的平均节省达1.83GB的存储空间,现在试试看吧!这是一个神奇的照片清洁工具,如果您在连拍模式下拍摄的照片,用相片软件改过相片,或者设定了HDR照片模式等,你手机就会有很多重复照片,而这个软件能够快速扫描并把他们一组一组的列出来,直接可以快速删除,自拍软件最佳搭档。BeetleCam甲虫相机相册清理大师可以在几秒钟内分析大量照片,并且利用智能的算法把图片分组分类,搜索相似照片速度极快,提供极佳的比较结果。主要功能:1.相册照片智能分析:迅速准确查找出手机照片库中的相似照片,包括那些拍照软件留下的原图,还有自拍连拍的多余图片。2.相似照片快速删:根据分析结果,可以一键选择不想要的照片,并秒速删掉! 3.截图快速删掉:所有截图会全部找出,并自动归类到截图下,可以选择不想要的删掉!4. 如果您选择接收通知,我们的应用程序会提醒你每周进行清洁,这样就可以持续优化您手机存储空间。**不要忘记清空你的照片应用程序里面的”最近删除”相簿,以确保您真正释放出可用空间!**BeetleCam Gallery Cleaner makes it super easy to free up tons of valuable storage in iPhone and iCloud. This smart tool automatically detects unwanted photos in your device. Users using this app have optimized their storage and saved an average of 1.83GB on their devices, give it a try now!This is an ultimate photos cleaning tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos. Free up tons of disk space by deleting duplicate photos in just a click! If you have taken photos in burst mode, retouched them, having hugh HDR photos etc, it will find and list them in groups.BeetleCam Gallery Cleaner works like a charm and has the ability to detect similar photos. It helps in situation where you taken photos of the same scene in quick succession to capture the perfect shot, or where you piled up storage by creating backups in the camera roll.BeetleCam Gallery Cleaner is extremely fast when it comes to analysing and comparing a large number of photos within seconds. This is due to the smart algorithms that make the search of similar photos extremely fast, giving excellent comparison results.If you opt to receive notifications, our app will remind you to perform a clean on a weekly basis, so that you can always keep your phone storage clean.**Don't forget to empty the "Recently Deleted" album in your photos app to secure your free space!**

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