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Unicode :: 字符映射表 :: 闲

Unicode :: 字符映射表 :: 闲

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  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
Select and copy characters from your iPhone and iPad to all your applications!This app shows you all the characters from the Unicode character set that are supported by iPhone and iPad. It excludes all those that routinely appear as little boxes on these devices.Simply tap the character to copy it to the clipboard.This app makes it so easy to send emoticons, stars, hearts, music notes and other symbols in text messages and emails.Special features:- see only those characters supported by iPhone and iPad- easily find characters from other alphabets including Greek, Cyrillic, Gujarati, Arabic, Hebrew and Braille- search for a particular character using its individual name (eg, theta, check)- or browse the name of the block (eg, dingbats, number forms, arrows)- easy-to-browse and well-presented character list - simply scroll down!- select one character to copy, or build an infinite string, using the options- save frequently used characters to the favourites barUse the ad-supported version free of charge or buy the ad-free version today!

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    好极了,这个Unicode :: 字符映射表 :: 闲是我用过最好的实用工具了
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    Unicode :: 字符映射表 :: 闲2顺利下载完成,很不错,Unicode :: 字符映射表 :: 闲最新版本就是棒
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    讲真,实用工具里我只服Unicode :: 字符映射表 :: 闲,不解释