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Dive+ : 从此潜水大不同

Dive+ : 从此潜水大不同

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Can't believe you still shoot those 'bluish' diving photos?真不敢信你还在拍绿油油,蓝洞洞的潜水照片?Still write your dive logs by pen in 2017?都2017年了,还在手写日志?Hurry-scurry to switch dive computer and camera, are you sure you are not getting mad?一边拍照,一边还要看电脑表,真的不累么? With Dive+, we will give you a whole new experience.在Dive+上,我们将给你全新的体验 Automatic Dive Logs It's cool in deed. You can say goodbye to your hand-written logbooks. Rich and detailed interface is designed for better sharing to your social networks. 全自动的日志记录 这很酷,你将告别手写日志的时代,丰富的日志展现形式让你更好的分享到你的社交关系中 Underwater Photography + Dive Computer It's really practical. It shows your real-time depth, time and ascent speed. You don't need to hurry-scurry to switch between them any more. Of course, another clean dive computer interface is provided when you are not taking photos. 水下拍照结合电脑表 真的很实用,我们在拍照界面实时显示你的当前深度,上升速度等,不用再手忙脚乱的一边拍照一边看电脑表;当然,在你不需要拍照时,我们也提供纯净的电脑表界面 The WOW Ultimate Color Restoration We have to say: we are so proud of this. In one-touch, you can restore the original colors of your underwater photos, and the vibrant pictures are waiting for you. 最酷的极致色彩还原 不得不说我们很满意这个功能,你可以通过色彩还原入口,一键还原照片色彩,得到颜色更加绚丽多彩的水下拍照作品 Dive+, Diving Will Never Be The Same.Dive+,从此潜水大不同

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