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酷拉力赛的挑战 FREE- 快速吉普追逐越野冒险

酷拉力赛的挑战 FREE- 快速吉普追逐越野冒险

  • 大小:26.3M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:体育竞技
  • 系统:ios
Race across the desert in this fast action racing game. Be careful to avoid obstacles and other vehicles. Go as far as possible before crashing to achieve the highest possible score. *Tilt device to steer *Use screen touch to speed up *The farther you go the higher the score *Compete with your friends for the highest score *Fun for all ages *Compatible with iPod, iPhone, & iPad We hope you enjoy the app. Please share your feedback or leave a review. We listen to your feedback! Email your feedback to far4apps@gmail.com

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