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学习英语的好方法 英语培训班 少兒英語 学好 英语

学习英语的好方法 英语培训班 少兒英語 学好 英语

  • 大小:150 M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:教育教学
  • 系统:ios
Games ABC is a perfect educational Learning app for your kids , kindergarten or preschool. Learning English ABC for kids below 2 - 3 years, however, with this app, it would be really really fun! Complete with cute sounds, cute pictures, and high recording of letters and words, kids and parents will enjoy to use this app to teach kids English.This application for kids around the world. It would be a perfect app to make your kids fluent with English!6 Features you will find when using this app:* Reading - Your kids will learn how to spell and pronounce the first letter of animals from A to Z. It would keep your baby laughing because it comes with cute pictures and cute sounds! Like for example, D for Deer. Not only your baby will be good at spelling the letter, he/she will know what the name of the animal is.* Writing - Your kids will learn how to write the letters. There will be a green board like on the class, and dotted lines that kids have to follow to write the letters from A to Z. Writing along dotted lines is definitely fun for kids!* Pattern Connecting Dots - Connect alphabetic dots to see the images. It will contain 10 high-quality images that will keep your kids laughing. The alphabet will be in sequence with random starting alphabet.* Pattern Sequence - Kids need to be able to drag alphabets to make the right sequence. Kids will be given 5 random Sequence to start with.* Find the Correct Image - Kids are asked to choose which item among 3 items that its first letter is the same as the given letter. As for example, given letter A, and there are 3 items: apple, bunglon, and banana. If kids click the “Apple” item, it will be correct, otherwise it will be wrong!* Puzzle - Shows colourful letter pieces and asks kid to place these pieces on right place which make up the shape of the letter. Use attractive graphics and sounds for result.* Quiz - This activity contains draggable letters which needs to be arranged to construct full words. There are images and sounds associated with each word and letter. It improves vocabulary of child. Use nice graphics and sounds for result.

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