• 大小:1.40M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:旅游应用
  • 系统:ios
联合王国指南是一种先进的软件,可用于本地用户和旅客。特点:1 所有功能都可以离线工作,你可以在没有WiFi或移动信号情况下使用它。2 离线地图支持一步步导航。3 支持当地的地铁(地铁,管)公交导航。4 地址信息显示在英语和当地语言.对于游客来说是非常有用的5 非常酷的行程规划,可以添加您的行程并离线使用。6 海量的当地的餐厅,景点和酒店等信息。7 酒店价格比较和预订8 增强现实导航9 货币转换器在这个应用程序,你可以找到更多的功能。如果有任何问题,请联系我们------------------------------------------------------------------------United Kingdom Guide is an advanced software that can be used by local users and travellers.Features:1 All functions can work offline,you can use it without WiFi or mobile signal.2 Its offline map support turn by turn navigation.3 Its map supports local subway(metro,tube) transit navigation.4 Address information display in english and local language.This feature is very helpful for visitors.5 Cool trip planner.You can add your your itinerary and use it offline.6 Huge amounts of information such as local restaurant,attractions and hotels.7 Hotel price comparison and reservation8 AR navigation9 Currency converterYou can find more functions in t