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You can print out a supergiant poster up to approximately 4 meters long at home.Make an extremely powerful poster with iPhone’s panoramic photo.You can also print out and make a life size or real scale poster.*FeaturesEnlarged printing! DecaPrint can print out your photos at most 100 sheets (10 sheets x 10 sheets) of A4 size papers or A3 size papers. Make a supergiant poster with DecaPrint! You can print out an approximately 3 meters long poster with a letter size printer and an approximately 4 meters long poster with an A3 size printer.Place the printed papers in number order, glue them together and it becomes a supergiant poster.DecaPrint can also print out trim marks, bleed marks, and guide marks to assist you to make a supergiant poster.*DecaPrint is useful for below situation:Print out an extremely powerful panoramic photoMake a life size poster of your own child/childrenPrint out a photo of a life size animalMake a panel or a banner for school festivals or events Make a poster from illustration drawn by paint apps or water painting appsMake a life size poster of your lovely petMake a life size poster of your favorite celebrityPrint out life size photos of clothes and use them to coordinate your outfit*Make a life size poster of your own child/children as a growth record.Print out a poster of “real size” of your own child/childrenSelect a photo, resize it, and select the size of poster you want to print outActual numeric print size shows on your iPhone display, so you can print out a poster just about the same size as your own child/children, and it is a great gift for grandparents.Enjoy making a supergiant animal poster with family. “How long is a giraffe’s neck?” “How big is a rhinoceros’s horn?” “Which is bigger a lion or dad?”Can you answer above questions?DecaPrint can solve those questions right away!*Do you enjoy iPhone’s panoramic photo? You can print out a supergiant panoramic photo with DecaPrint!Are you wasting iPhone's panoramic photo function?Use DecaPrint! You can print out your panoramic photo to a powerful panoramic photo.Print out panoramic photos with DecaPrint! Enjoy enlarged panoramic photos*Do you want to make a poster of a paint drawn with your iPad?Let’s print out your paint with DecaPrint! You can print out your paint at any size (up to 13 foot long) and enjoy your enlarged paint.# DecaPrint read images from Camera Roll. Use paint apps that can write to Camera Roll.*DecaPrint is useful for school festivals or events. You can easily make panels or banners with DecaPrint. It is easy to make panels or banners with a letter size printer.It does not cost much to make them for school festivals or events.#DecaPrint read images from Camera Roll. Use paint apps or note apps that can write to Camera Roll.*Handy printing with AirPrint! You can also print out from PC or Mac.To print with Wi-Fi connection, you need a printer compatible with AirPrint.If your printer is not compatible with AirPrint, you can still print out from your PC and/or Mac. Save your photos to Camera Roll, access to Camera Roll, and print out them from PC and/or Mac.

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