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闹钟Bud专业版 - 音乐闹铃,本地天气及更多!

闹钟Bud专业版 - 音乐闹铃,本地天气及更多!

  • 大小:20.9 M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
Alarm Clock Bud Pro converts your iPhone or iPod Touch into a gorgeous and beautiful digital clock. You can choose your favorite color for the LCD display from our collection of various themes. You can configure LCD display to vertical mode with big clock digits. And if you are bored of LCD clocks, you can switch to our stunning flip clock. You can view your local weather conditions and temperature, which auto updates itself. You can setup multiple alarms and configure them with many options. You can setup one of our inbuilt sounds as alarm or even use your favorite songs from your ipod to play as alarms. There's an auto-snooze option, so your alarm auto-snoozes after a set period of time if you are feeling too lazy or are far away from the iPhone. You can shake your phone to either turn off the alarm, snooze alarm or toggle on/off the flashlight; all of this configurable per your convenience!Features:Clock- Gorgeous color LCD theme with 7 different colors.- Gorgeous Flip Clock theme.- Landscape and portrait orientations.- Show/Hide battery meter.- Slide/Flick up and down to dim the screen.- 12/24 hour time formats.- Show/Hide city name in LCD theme.- Show/Hide date.- Show/Hide seconds in LCD theme.- Show/Hide next alarm in LCD theme.- Customizable auto-lock time to save your battery.- Vertical mode: You can set the LCD theme to display a big clock on portrait mode.Alarm- Wake up to your favorite iPod music or playlist.- 17 built-in alarm sounds.- Big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons.- Auto-snooze: If your device is far from you, you can set an auto-snooze option. Your alarm will snooze after a defined time and you can also set how many times it will auto-snooze.- Unlimited alarms: each with its own settings.- Sound/Music ON/OFF.- Sound/Music volume adjustable.- Snooze ON/OFF.- Customizable Snooze time.- Vibrate ON/OFF.- Fade-in options for alarm sound/music.- Alarms work even when the app is closed.Weather- Live weather conditions and temperature in your area.- Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius display.Shake- You can define the action that your alarm does when you shake. Alarm OFF, Snooze or turn ON/OFF the Flashlight.SupportIf you have any questions or comments please send us an email at contact@alarmclockbud.com. Note that if you leave a support question in the comments we won't be able to write you back, so just shoot us an email instead.

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    骂闹钟Bud专业版 - 音乐闹铃,本地天气及更多!的都是逗比,闹钟Bud专业版 - 音乐闹铃,本地天气及更多!要是不好用能一直撑到现在?呵呵
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    找了好多网站,还是华军软件上下载的闹钟Bud专业版 - 音乐闹铃,本地天气及更多!靠谱,页面清爽,可以隐藏推送,不会妨碍正常办公
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    没想到闹钟Bud专业版 - 音乐闹铃,本地天气及更多!的安装包都已经这么大了,变化真快,看来又有很多新功能了