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投入  文本 上 照片 及 写 标题 中 优美 字体 作 定制 讯息

投入 文本 上 照片 及 写 标题 中 优美 字体 作 定制 讯息

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Download the best application that lets you Put Text on Photos in the most beautiful way! Take a photo, or pick one from your gallery and get ready for some photo fun! Choose from the set of our text styles and pick the perfect one! Then, write anything you want and stamp the text on your lovely picture! You can write anything you want- from symbols and smiley faces to motivational messages for your friends! Add your thoughts on your memories preserved in pictures with the help of this cool app!Features:* Choose from many fonts that will define your style!* Type the text like you are writing a message!* Share the edited pictures online with our share button!* Embellish your photos with a lovely quote and enjoy!* Browse through many text styles and pick the perfect one!*****Embellish your photos with the coolest effects so far*******Have fun with your friends and add a funny text on your pictures! Then, post the image on social media and have a good laugh! Amuse everyone and watch their reactions to your interesting writings! Or, if you want to motivate your friends and family, add some quotes on your pics and turn them into inspirational posters! Again, share those pics online and start counting the likes! And, we need to give you one more tip- just tap on the share button and your images will be sent to social networks in no time!*****Turn your pictures into motivational messages with our fonts*****Pick your favorite font and start the magic! If you want to give your images a more romantic touch, use our cursive styles! And if you want to go for something more dramatic, we offer heaps of options for that, too. Embellish your photos and show your creative side! You might even discover a hidden talent and knack for writing! Or, you might find out that you are a natural comedian, once you start adding funny comments and captions to your pics! *****Share your artwork on social networks with on simple tap******You will get addicted to editing photos in this way that you will keep playing with our options night and day! So, use the most of it and don't let anything disturb you! You will continue with editing and you will produce some lovely captions! And the best part is- this virtual photo studio is free of charge!******Get creative with your photos and write some funny captions******Think about all the ways to say 'I love you' and make a card for your beloved ones! Make your soul mate or best friend happy in the coolest way possible! Take your picture, and edit it by adding text about your feelings towards them! Then, post it online and watch their eyes tear up with joy! Use our application to bring happiness into people's lives and enjoy it!

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