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Loving Family 代代有愛

Loving Family 代代有愛

  • 大小:75.9M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:教育教学
  • 系统:ios
「代代有愛」應用程式製作及收錄了一系列關於家庭關愛的精彩短片。每一位家庭成員均扮演著不可或缺的多重家庭角色,可以是為人的父親又是兒子,同時也是妻子的丈夫。大家可以因應不同的家庭崗位及角色,隨時隨地在程式中挑選及觀看短片。透過短片中的故事、教學或分享,學習與家人相處、溝通的技巧,增進家庭成員之間互愛、和諧的關係。推動大家關注與家人的關係,鼓勵以行動在生活中表達關愛,並將得著與家人、朋友分享,成功實踐代代有愛。• 超過85部關於家庭關愛精彩短片/視頻 (更多影片更新中)• 介紹最新的活動及推廣 關於我們家庭是社會的基石,營造關愛家庭環境及促進家庭和睦,對建立和諧社會至為重要。李錦記家族於2008年成立李錦記家族基金,透過「代代有愛學習平台」讓大眾學習如何有效地與家人溝通,強化家庭關係以締造家庭凝聚力,共建一個跨代共融的社會。我們的使命是推動家庭凝聚力,促進關愛、溝通及跨代共融。我們推廣「治未病」的健康家庭理念,相信如果家庭成員能在家庭生病之先及早產生警覺及作出相應預防行動,將有效發揮健康家庭的潛在能力,培養個人健康,造福社群。 欲了解更多信息,請瀏覽http://www.lovingfamily.org.hkLoving Family Mobile Apps produces and collects a series of brilliant short movies about Caring Family. Every family member performs different important roles in a family. You can be a father but at the same time you are a son and a husband. Wherever or whenever you are, using our apps, you can select your preferred episode based on your role in the family. Through the stories, sharing or teaching material in the videos, we can learn how to get along with family members, improve communication skills and enhance family members’ loving and caring relationship. We promote awareness of the relationship between family members. We encourage you to show your love and care in your daily lives, as well as share your learning to your family and friends, co-creating and building a loving community. • Over 85 Loving & Caring Family videos (More are now under production) • Introduce our latest activities and promotions About usFamily is the fundamental base to build a community. Create the caring and loving family atmosphere and facilitate family solidarity is of paramount importance to a harmonious society. Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation is established by Lee Kum Kee Family in 2008. Through the means of Loving Family Learning Platform, we learn how to effectively communicate with family members, strengthen family members’ relationship so as to promote family solidarity, co-creating an inter-generation inclusive society. Our mission is to promote family solidarity and advocate love, care, communication and inter-generation inclusion. We promote the healthy family concept of “Prevention before Sickness”, as it trusts that awareness building and preventive actions before the souring of family relationship will help create a caring and harmonious community in which healthy families can exploit their potentials; thereby benefiting the well being of the community. For more details, please visit http://www.lovingfamily.org.hk

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