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Note: This app is only localized in English.AUTOsist helps you stay organized and manages your vehicle records by giving you the ability to log and record maintenance, gas/fuel economy (monitor MPG), reminders, and more. Easily attach receipts or other documents by taking a picture with your mobile device or scanning it via our web portal. No more paper clutter!Our system is cloud based so you can access your records anytime on ANY type of device. All your data and records sync across multiple devices whether its on iOS, Android, or the web. You can access our desktop web portal that syncs with the app here: www.autosist.com/portalWhy use AUTOsist?-PROLONG the life of your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, plane, RV, ATV, equipment or any type of vehicle by keeping detailed records of things like oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, and other maintenance tasks. Set reminders by date and/or mileage.-IMPROVE resale value by showing future buyers a report of your maintenance and service history and then transfer them to the new owner with a simple click.-ACCESS key information quickly like when your last oil change was done or tires replaced by searching and sorting with ease.-MANAGE multiple vehicles and keep all your records in one convenient place and access them across multiple devices.Features:-Take pictures of receipts, documents, and other records with your phones camera and store them securely- Manage multiple cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, or any type of vehicle (1 vehicle free)- Manage multiple services for each vehicle-Manage your fleet cars/trucks or other business vehicles- Repair log for each vehicle- Fuel Tracker / Gas log for each vehicle - attach receipts and track all your fuel / gas fill ups in a dedicated area- Maintain complete service history and run a report that compiles it all together in a shareable PDF- Store notes for each vehicle- Email vehicle service and repair history or any records you want- Search easily to find key information- Transfer records to anyone with just one click- Set reminders for upcoming maintenance, important documents expiring, or anything else you find important. (Set by date and/or mileage)-View your records offline-Desktop Web Portal that syncs with the app: www.autosist.com/portal-Additional Metrics: Set by gallons or liters, miles or kilometers or hours, and use various currencies (Go to the tools icon or vehicle details page and click "Vehicle Settings" to edit)-Export your data via Excel and also backup your data/images/attachments via our web portal at autosist.com/portal-Recommended maintenance schedule based on odometer and time-View recalls that are issued for your vehicle-Manage your fleet or business vehicles - easily assign users to vehicles and have permission control. Learn more at autosist.com/fleetCheck out what popular blogs had to say about AUTOsist:“Keeping track of all the various details about your cars, whether it’s service records, receipts, or whatever else, can be a bit tough. But if you’re sick of just stuffing all of that into the glove box, AUTOsist is an app that manages it all for you.” – LifeHacker“AUTOsist eliminates the guesswork when you are keeping track of important vehicle records.” – AutomoblogAUTOsist is great for all types of vehicles or equipment such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, RV's, ATV's, tractors, construction equipment and more - anything that you want to keep track and a log of AUTOsist can help.Please Note: Basic accounts are free and allow you to manage 1 vehicle with limited cloud storage space.

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