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Tribal Fruit ( 水果部落 )

Tribal Fruit ( 水果部落 )

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  • 系统:ios
深在亚马逊丛林加布猿是松散的。加布打破箱子满了部落水果香蕉喂他的丛林家人。穿越丛林天上飞的热气球,并避免淘汰的Chimola部落成员攻击他 火焰长矛和椰子。该Chimola部落已经从邻村偷走所有的香蕉,并且已经采取了水果人质。帮助加布在这次冒险生存在丛林深处。 快速反应是Gabe的生存危险的亚马逊丛林的最佳利器。用加布和他的气球,以达到新的高度,高分数,成绩,当然香蕉。 部落水果饰演致敬经典的一些成熟的游戏和拓展新的曲风注入源源不断的流道与一些成熟的特点。 产品特点: - 美丽的卡通人物,动画和环境。 - 史诗无尽的亚军/平台游戏动作。 - 乐趣和挑战性的游戏,非常适合您的触摸屏设备简单的水龙头控制。 - 具有挑战性的敌人,任务和环境。 - 粒子效果,爆炸秀色可餐。 - 90年代灵感的控制台游戏/看。 - Fanstastic丛林和游戏的声音。 - 游戏中心排行榜和成就来与您的朋友和全世界竞争。 - 通用应用程序支持的iPhone,iPad和iPod Touch的支持。Video: http://youtu.be/pX4REqRwft8Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TribalFruitTwitter: https://twitter.com/BigMonkGamesWebsite: http://www.bigmonkgames.com(English)Deep in the Amazon Jungle Gabe the Ape is on the loose. Gabe breaks crates full of Tribal Fruit bananas to feed his jungle family. Flying through the jungle sky in a hot air balloon avoiding and knocking out the Chimola Tribe members that attack him with flaming spears and coconuts. The Chimola Tribe has stolen all of the bananas from the neighboring villages and have taken the fruit hostage. Help Gabe in this adventure for survival in the deep jungle.Quick reflexes are your best weapon in Gabe's survival in the dangerous Amazon Jungle. Use Gabe and his balloon to reach new heights, high scores, achievements and of course bananas.Tribal Fruit plays tribute to classic platformer games and reinvents the genre into an endless runner with platformer traits.Features:- Beautiful cartoon characters, animations, and environment.- Epic endless runner / platformer action.- Fun and simple tap controls with challenging gameplay that is perfect for your touch screen devices.- Challenging enemies, tasks, and environment.- Particle effect and explosion eye candy.- 90's inspired console gameplay / look.- Fanstastic jungle and gameplay sounds.- Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends and the world.- Universal App support iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch supported.

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