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My Own Diary 3 (日记 / 杂志)

My Own Diary 3 (日记 / 杂志)

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  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:生活服务
  • 系统:ios
"Diary writing is photographing with letters - but that’s not all ..." Keep the beautiful moments in your life forever - with "Mein Tagebuch". With this app you can make each moment into an unforgettable experience using images, text, or voice recordings . "Mein Tagebuch" is like a good friend who listens and in whom you can confide everything. This diary saves all your ideas, brainstorms, insights, and experiences, but also your fears, feelings and sad chapters/stages of your life - it is the means to give meaning to an active lifestyle. With this diary you can record all your memories for the future, by means of texts, images or voice recordings. Additional functions: • Password protection function • Custom cover design • Font size and style selectable • Calendar • Portrait or Landscape • Freely placeable elements (e.g. images / smileys) • Weather Integration • Voice Recording • Location integration (for example, when traveling) • Social media integration (Facebook/Twitter) • Export as PDF and Text • iCloud Sync (snapping a picture with your iPhone and afterwards writing the text on your iPad while sitting cozily at home) If you already use "Mein Tagebuch 2", you can import all the collected impressions into the new version. "Mein Tagebuch" - is not only suitable for "normal" everyday life - it can also used as, for example, a travel, partnership, pregnancy or baby diary. Capture the first sounds or words of your baby through the voice recording or if you as a musician have a new melody in your head you can easily save it by means of voice recording. "Mein Tagebuch" is a good traveling companion. The Location function allows routes and stopovers to be easily traced. Exciting, informative messages in social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, can easily be inserted into your diary. The nice thing about "Mein Tagebuch" is that it is not hampered by any regulations. Whether you only record pictures of friends, partners, family, or breathtaking landscapes, or write complete short stories, anything that is fun and brings joy to your heart is allowed.

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