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西班牙语为初学者的孩子和成人 Circus Spanish for kids Free

西班牙语为初学者的孩子和成人 Circus Spanish for kids Free

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Fun Circus Spanish for kids will help to learn Spanish language quickly and easily! Colorful flashcards with sounds is the best way to remember new words and train pronunciation.FEATURES:► 800 words with flashcards and sounds► 24 topics: Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Toys, School, Animals and more► 5 game modes: from learning to fun educational games► 3 language levels: Easy, Medium, Hard► Nice Alphabet songs► Suitable for kids from 3 years► Amazing graphics and wonderful music► Cute animal characters► Bonus system: stars for good results► No Ads and In-App PurchasesSpanish lessons will be really fun – our cute Lion will turn learning into exciting game!3 LANGUAGE LEVELS:Everyone has own level of Spanish. "Easy level" will be useful for beginners, "Medium" – for children who has already had small vocabulary, "Hard" – for the most advanced.800 FLASHCARDS WITH SOUNDSSpanish flashcards will help to learn vocabulary, sounds will help to train pronunciation.5 GAME MODES1) Learning2) Game "Guess the word by flashcards"3) Game "Guess the word by sounds"4) Game "Find the pair"5) Game "Spelling word"24 TOPICS + NEW in UPDATES1) Alphabet2) Numbers3) Colors4) Family5) Toys6) School7) Food8) Drinks9) Animals10) Birds11) Sea12) Insects13) Nature14) Weather15) Fruits16) Vegetables17) Plants18) Flowers19) Berries20) Nuts21) Clothes22) Shoes23) Body24) TimeALPHABET SONGS It is the best way to learn Spanish letters! There are songs with different voices and tunes in the app. BONUS SYSTEMBonus system in the game is the great motivation for kids. Your child will get stars for the good learning.NO ADS & IN-APP PURCHASES App contains NO Ads and In-App Purchases. You don't need to be afraid that your child will press the wrong button!

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    以前这个西班牙语为初学者的孩子和成人 Circus Spanish for kids Free 大小很小,现在居然都已经83.8MB了
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    西班牙语为初学者的孩子和成人 Circus Spanish for kids Free 非常的好 谁用谁知道 建议下载
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    中文的西班牙语为初学者的孩子和成人 Circus Spanish for kids Free 看起来就是方便,一目了然