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东京 离线地图的旅行,散步,旅游指南,机场,汽车租赁,酒店预订

东京 离线地图的旅行,散步,旅游指南,机场,汽车租赁,酒店预订

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Plan your trip with Fly & Drive offline Holiday Advisor. 飞&Drive是一个聪明的,多语言,易于使用的飞行和旅行规划工具。航班规划允许您查看全球所有航班的服务和连接选项。已经到位?需要离线地图为您的行程?快速,详细,完全离线地图的移动设备是我们的应用程序的一部分了。我们的离线地图和航班计划员可以使用不带数据漫游,WiFi连接和隐性成本!Fly & Drive is a smart, multi-language, easy to use flight and travel planning tool. Flights Planner allowing you to view all worldwide flight services and connection options. Already in place? Need a offline map for your trip? Fast, detailed and completely offline maps for mobile devices is a part of our app too.Our OFFLINE Map & Flights planner you can use without data roaming, WIFI Connection and hidden costs!Over 3 million hikers use our apps!FLY:-- Airport Manager with airport plan, map directions, taxi & transfer, weather, nearby hotels-- Flight Board with live flight departure and arrival atatus for all worldwide airports.-- Flights Planner. World's largest offline airline route manager. DRIVE:-- Offline map with GPS geolocation (100% offline)-- Things to do & trips. Sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do and fun activities.-- POI finder for driver's: gas station, fast food, motelSMART TOOLS:-- 14 days offline weather forecast. Detailed current weather with information about: conditions, temperature, humidity, pressure. -- Cheap Car Rental (over 6000 locations worldwide)-- Currency converter (offline)-- Multilingual interface. 11 languages supported: english, german, french, russian, korean, portuguese, spanish, japanese, italian, chinese, thai-- Hotels deals. Search, save, manage & book best hotels and hostels. Find the cheapest rates for hotels worldwide‎.-- Phrase Book (Tourist dictionary)

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东京 离线地图的旅行,散步,旅游指南,机场,汽车租赁,酒店预订评论

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    问下大家这个东京 离线地图的旅行,散步,旅游指南,机场,汽车租赁,酒店预订是否是官方提供的最新的1吗?
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    东京 离线地图的旅行,散步,旅游指南,机场,汽车租赁,酒店预订我用了很久都没问题,大家就放心的使用吧
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    突然发现我现在用的东京 离线地图的旅行,散步,旅游指南,机场,汽车租赁,酒店预订是旧版本!赶紧下载更新试试。