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Add & Subtract with Springbird

Add & Subtract with Springbird

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"My son age eight is dyslexic as am I, this program has allowed him to practice his basic mathematical skills at his own pace and in a fun way that keep him trying to get the bird to the top of the tree. Iv spent more on books that have produce less results. This program supports the basics of addition, subtraction and an understanding of number value, although it may seem entry level, which may be appropriate to a younger age for basic support skills I personally can't thank it enough for allowing it to encourage my child to just keep trying." Does your child need help understanding addition and subtraction concepts? Does your child need extra practice with addition or subtraction? Do you want your child to reinforce these core math skills? This game is modelled on the Common Core Standards for children in Grade K, or children 4+. Building on the success of 'Math with Springbird', this new game focuses on learning and practicing basic addition and subtraction. Features: - Learn and practice basic skills including counting by objects and numerals, counting up to 10, and adding objects to equal 10. - Learn and practice cores skills including adding objects and numerals, and subtracting objects and numerals. - Gain immediate feedback on whether your child's answer was correct. - Customise Springbird's appearance by using the worms your child collects. - Free each of Springbird's friends as your child progresses through the game. - Hear each of Springbird's friends unique bird sounds! If you're looking for the school version, search the App Store for "Add & Subtract with Springbird (School edition for 4 - 6 year olds)" Terms of Service: http://www.broccol-e-games.com/terms-of-use/ Privacy Policy: http://bit.ly/LZCcYW

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