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◆ For THE FIRST TIME EVER, a magic trick app unlocks the secret of extrasensory perception by combining an unparalleled level of mind reading and mind control powers in a mind-blowing effect that take place in the spectator's iPhone!◆

"Avaton is so devious -- beyond your imagination. You won't find another app like this! This is a breakthrough!" - T. Daniel

◆Enjoy an amazing 50% OFF, limited time only◆

Welcome to Avaton 2.0! The 3rd Chapter of the Magic App Pentalogy!

Avaton is a professional magic trick app that uses an advanced algorithm that has NEVER been used by ANY other app available on the store! An inaccessible secret to anyone but you, that will captivate your audience and blow their mind away! It is intended for entertainment purposes only / does not provide any real mind reading abilities.

▶The effect

Two completely different methods to perform AVATON:

■1st Method (Mind Reading Mode)■

-Ask from a spectator to use his OWN iPhone and download for free the Zener App, the famous Extrasensory Perception Test as it was originally invented and conducted by the perceptual psychologist Karl Zener in the early 1930s.

-After downloading the app, prompt him to close ANY POSSIBLE wireless communication on his iPhone (WiFi, Bluetooth, even GSM Network(!)), in order to block the device's ability to send or receive any kind of information!

-Turn your back to him with your eyes closed or you can even use a blindfold (!). Put your hands behind your back, even with your sleeves rolled up (!), so there is NOT A SINGLE WAY that you can look at him / his phone / your phone or touch ANY electronic device or make ANY suspicious movements behind and in front of you! You can have a second spectator to inspect you from your front!

-Now ask him to start "Zener", freely choose one of the 5 ESP Cards and concentrate on its symbol!

-You SIMPLY name his chosen card out loud! You can repeat the test as many times as you or your spectator wishes!

■2nd Method (Mind Control Mode)■

A brand new method to perform Avaton! Control your audience's mind by making them choose a specific ESP Card on their iPhone! The same ESP Card that you choose on your phone BEFORE them!

▶Super Stealth Feature

Your audience will never suspect that an app or EVEN your phone was involved so all of the credit goes to YOU and not your iPhone!

▶Avaton is UNIQUE and has NO Limitations!

•The magician NEVER shows, touches or has ANY interaction with his iPhone!
•The magician NEVER touches the spectator's iPhone, not a SINGLE TOUCH!
•The spectator NEVER reveals his chosen card
•NO internet connection
•NO GSM Network
•NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access
•NO "leave and pick your device" tricks
•NO assistant
•NO voice recognition
•NO camera / proximity sensor (optical recognition)
•NO other devices

▶You can perform Avaton to anyone ◆ anytime ◆ anywhere! Use ◆Quick Action◆ feature via 3D Touch* to perform Avaton faster than ever in Stealth Mode!

*(iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus users)

▶Fourteen pages of detailed instructions are included. A step by step tutorial to easily unlock the sacred gates of Avaton and perform live to your audience!

For any questions/comments please visit Avaton's Official Website : http://avaton.onetwo.gr
TV broadcasting/ WEB casting rights are reserved! You will need written consent from OneTwo P.C. : http://onetwo.gr

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    Avaton 2.1.4下载好慢,不知道是不是我网速问题,继续等待……
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    Avaton 虽然是免费软件的,但还是有些问题,有待改进呀~