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Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player

Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player

  • 大小:6.5M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:音乐游戏
  • 系统:ios
Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player
Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player
Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player
Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player
Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player
**Developer note** 6/10/2017 Please note the album artwork in the the screenshots
has been pixelated in the screenshots to conform to apples copyright laws the artwork
is not pixelated when using the app.

Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player

**Key Feature** AutoTuner

The Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player is guaranteed to greatly improve the sound quality of every song in your music library. Unlike other apps which make you do the work, the Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player is the only app that is smart enough to automatically custom tune your player for each individual song to the optimum equalizer setting. The equalizer on your player is not a one size fits all, settings that sound great for a Rock song will sound terrible when used for a Rap song. Realistically most people don't want to be constantly adjusting the equalizer on their player let the Auto Tune feature do it for you. In addition this app will let you easily test your own adjustments on the fly while listening to your favorite songs. Adjust your music to any 1 of 22 preset equalizer settings from R&B to Rock or define our own equalizer setting. Easily save your chosen preferred equalizer setting and the player will automatically adjust to that setting every time the song is played. You won't believe the improved sound quality while listening to music using this app! Don't spend thousands of dollars on music and expensive headphones only to listen to music with the wrong settings.

**Key Feature** Discover Our Social Network

Explore and sample recommendations from other users in our
network. Discover your new favorite artist by networking with other users in our network that listen to the same type of music you listen to.

**Key Feature** YouTube Quick Search

The Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player is seamlessly integrated with YouTube, this app auto searches YouTube based on your music library making it super easy to take full advantage of all the free music on YouTube.

**Key Feature** Customizable Gesture Control Mode (Car Safe)

The Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player is the only music player specifically designed with the practical purpose of being controlled with simple gestures while being held in one hand using just your thumb. This will allow you to use the player safely while driving stay safe while on the road and avoid expensive tickets. The player is fully customizable you will have the option to choose from 18 different actions. Link your selected actions to 8 separate gestures all easily initiated with simple taps and swipes using just your thumb.

** Additional Features
- Lyrics quick search
- Customizable skin color
- Plays in background while screen is locked or while surfing the internet.

版本: 9.2 | 更新时间: 17-07-27 展开更多



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