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Auto Correct Fail

Auto Correct Fail

  • 大小:4.6M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:休闲娱乐
  • 系统:ios
Auto Correct Fail
Auto Correct Fail
Auto Correct Fail
Auto Correct Fail
Auto Correct Fail
★☆ ON SALE FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS!...Version 3.5 just came out!☆★
If you have an iPhone, you'd know of it's auto correct feature. Although it's useful, it can get definitely get annoying at certain times.

This app is a gallery of all those "auto correct fails" that occur when the iPhone changes a word or two to something that ends up being really funny!

What you get with this app!:

✔ Thousands of hilarious "auto correct fails" for you to have fun with that get updated everyday!
✔The ability to either create your own account, or remain anonymous. Creating an account gives you the ability to:
- Upload your own "auto correct fails" with your username
- See all of your uploaded "fails" on a page just for you
- Favorite what you think are the BEST "fails", and save them to your account in the app, or to your own iPhone!
- Get notified via push notifications when your "auto correct fail" image has been approved and is live!

✔ An easy to use "top 25" page which lists the highest rated "auto correct fails" in the world!!!
✔ An absolutely beautiful design with retina display support

- You can now use in app purchases to buy extras such as:
✓ Moderator Controls - Buying this allows YOU to approve and decline the images submitted to us!

✓ Pro Version Upgrade - Buying this allows you to turn off ALL of the annoying ads, get higher resolution images without the watermark, and get access to our special hall of fame page for only A DOLLAR!

✔ PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get notified when your submitted images are approved or declined! You will also get weekly or bi-weekly updates on the newest and funniest auto correct fails recently added!

NOTE: People who wish to upload their own "auto correct fails" can do so right within the app. (Instructions are there too). When you submit it, it will go into a review process by one of the "Auto Correct Fail" moderators. 99.9% of the time, it will take less than 24 hours for your image to become live!

- We want to reserve this feature for the most loyal 'Auto Correct Fail' users out there, and we do not want hundreds of people controling what images are being made availible to hundreds of thousands of people, without our jurisdiction.

版本: 3.7 | 更新时间: 17-07-27 展开更多



Auto Correct Fail评论

  • 1楼 华军网友 2017-05-06 15:20:18
    Auto Correct Fail3.7真的很好用哦,虽然我是第一次使用Auto Correct Fail,但我已经深深的爱上了你,哈哈哈
  • 2楼 华军网友 2016-08-09 21:25:10
    以前这个Auto Correct Fail大小很小,现在居然都已经4.6MB了
  • 3楼 华军网友 2016-07-17 12:15:23