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  • 大小:18.0M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:商务办公
  • 系统:ios
Auction House Atrocity

This app is intended to be played in conjunction with the Murder Inc iBeacon set available via https://www.murder-inc.co.uk. This app contains the preliminary information on the murder and suspects, and introductory video.

Who killed Charles Christoby?

Charles Christoby, senior partner of prestigious Auction House, Christoby’s, lies dead in his office, the antique gun that killed him clutched in his own hand. Was this murder, or suicide? What prompted him to take his own life, or drove someone else to take it from him? Do you have what it takes to solve this case?

Join Inspector Bartram as he identifies and interviews suspects; locate and examine evidence; search the dead man’s office; check his appointments, phone, and emails; visit other locations and search them for clues; evaluate the suspects and their statements; get to the bottom of inconsistencies and anomalies and work out what really happened.

Who had the dead man’s phone and what is the significance of the angry messages it contains?
Why is a stranger emailing him out of the blue?
Why were certain items suddenly withdrawn from this month’s auction?
Who was his last appointment that night, and what were they arguing so fiercely about?
Why did his secretary not show up for work this morning?
The answers to these, and other questions, will help you uncover the truth, and solve the mystery.

This is not a linear story in the manner of other mystery games - this game is fully interactive, and delivered via iBeacon technology direct to your device. You will have to explore each location and find the evidence for yourself. You can access any area at any time. Each area contains an interview with a suspect, but you will need to draw your own conclusions from this. There is a large quantity of supplementary evidence to discover, but you will need to decide for yourself what is significant and what may be a red herring. Along the way there will be interactive puzzles, codes and ciphers you will need to crack in order to gain access to information. All the information you need to solve the case is here, but it may not be immediately apparent. Our aim is to challenge!!

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