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Astro Drone

Astro Drone

  • 大小:34.3M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Astro Drone
Astro Drone
Astro Drone
Astro Drone
Contribute to future space exploration by playing the free AstroDrone game!

Fly your Parrot AR drone in virtual space and compare yourself with real-life astronauts.

Level 1: Practice your skills by docking to the International Space Station (ISS). While your drone flies around in your flight arena, you fly around in a low-earth orbit in space. Attempt to perfectly guide your drone to the docking port, and dock safely in as little time as possible.

Level 2: Enact the European Space Agency's Rosetta Mission; fly toward the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko asteroid, while avoiding debris. When you're close, release the Philae robotic lander.

The game also allows you to contribute to a scientific crowd sourcing experiment that will improve the capabilities of future spacecraft and planetary rovers. After a successful mission, abstract mathematical features are extracted from the camera images of the drone. The information in these features cannot be interpreted by humans and cannot be used to reconstruct the original images of your flight arena. However, the information can be used together with the navigation data of the drone (velocities and angles) to improve capabilities such as autonomous docking, landing, and obstacle avoidance.

Participation to the experiment is on a voluntary basis. You can choose to participate by uploading your scores to the Highscore table. Please note that on the iPad / iPod, you have to disconnect from the drone and connect to the internet in order to contribute to the experiment.

For more information, visit: http://www.astrodrone.org/

* For this game you need the Parrot AR drone *

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