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Asteroids 3D

Asteroids 3D

  • 大小:0.2M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Asteroids 3D
Asteroids 3D
Asteroids 3D
Asteroids 3D
Asteroids 3D
Asteroids 3D
Asteroids 3D is a new advanced version of the classic Asteroids arcade game. Now, with new 3D graphics, you'll need even more skill than the original version of this game, as the deadly rocks fly around the screen from all angles in true three dimensional space. As well as the asteroids, which can smash your space ship to pieces if they hit you, look out for extra danger too.
You are the captain of the little white ship which is initially positioned at the central point in the cube. The cube itself is a self-contained universe - anything which leaves one side of the cube returns on the opposite side. Use the side and top radar (both located at the bottom right of the game), and the ship's-eye view (bottom left) to help determine where you are.

Your ship's controls will enable you to navigate though 3D space, and shoot the asteroids and other dangers which may appear. Destroying an asteroid will add to your score, and will split larger asteroids into numerous smaller ones. The smaller asteroids add more points to your score than the larger ones. If you eliminate all the asteroids, you move on up to the next round, which is more difficult. You have a total of 3 ships, but gain additional lives each timer you score a multiple of 10000 points. Be careful and watch your energy levels...firing, thrusting and using your shields all use up valuable energy.

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