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AsterDroids • a 3D Space Shooter • from SKAPP Enterprises
Alien Droids controlling Asteroids are heading towards Earth to obliterate us!
Pilot spacecraft around our solar system and blast them into oblivion.
Navigate around fully animated planets and their fully animated moons.
Fly around the inner planets with beautifully controlled free roaming 3D space flight.
We're about to be bombarded with waves of Asteroids controlled by Droids.
There is time to save ourselves, download "AsterDroids" now, and help save the planet!
Game play levels last 1-5 minutes each for great casual 3D Asteroid blasting.

This Universal App is optimized for HD Retina content.
While this app is recommended for high end devices, it works just fine on lower end devices like the iPhone4s and original iPad2 (although some features will be turned off to help increase the app performance - like full radar tracking and target sight tracking).

Feature List:

• 3 game modes - Save the Earth from multiple AsterDroid Waves - Blast Moon & Planet Structures for Cash - FREE Practice Levels
• 3 control methods - accelerometer - virtual direction pad - touch screen
• Fly around fully animated Planets, Moons and the blazing Sun.
• Augmented Reality Mode - blast away while keeping an eye on local reality. Works with both front and rear cameras.
• Multiple ships to choose from, each with unique weaponry and thrust-braking ability.
• Auto Pilot feature - will automatically navigate your ship towards the Asteroid wave, Droids or that hidden hard to find asteroid.
• Multiple music modes - listen to classical Bach, Strauss or a Techno beat for ambience.
• GameCenter Leaderboards and Achievements.
• Easy to follow Tutorial teaches you how to control your ship and fly around the solar system.
• Real Physics Option for True 3D Space Flight.
• Win virtual coins to purchase new ships, new levels, various armament and shields in the AsterDroids Virtual Store.
• Ability to buy virtual coins for use in the AsterDroids Virtual Store via in-app coin pack purchases.
• Swipe Cockpit left or right allowing for Left and Right Handed controls, or swipe it Off-screen and enjoy the view.
• Rockin' 3D Explosions of massive proportions.


Great new spin on asteroids - 'Five Stars'
by duck erg
"Perhaps I'm bias cause I love the original asteroids game. But this game breaths new life into an old classic. Great graphics and challenging gameplay project this classic game into today's age, perhaps becoming a classic itself. Having lots of fun!"

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In Game Advertisements
Video ads are shown between levels, but all ads are permanently removed with any in-app purchase. Unlock all Game Modes with any in-app purchase.

Your feedback is highly valued. If you don't like something or something does not work correctly, please contact us at info@skappe.com

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