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Army Helicopter Shooting

Army Helicopter Shooting

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  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Load your weapons for the deadliest combat in the war zone, fly your army helicopter into the battlefield and start shooting at the enemies. The rivals have taken your army and military bases and have captured the aviation staff and pilots. Engage into the air strike mortal fight between the rebels and the legion, take your Apache cobra gunship helicopter high in the sky as an Apache attack gunship army helicopter shooter pilot to invade into the enemy’s territory and initiate a deadly attack with your army Apache gunship helicopter and start shooting to win the great air battle over your enemies and take the dominance as the fighter helicopter pilot.

Carryout a comprehensive and deadliest army helicopter shooting assault operation in the desert storm territory and go behind the enemy lines to kill and shoot down the rebel forces invading the borders with the support of air strikes through jet fighters, clear the enemy’s defense using deadly weapons, payload of guided missiles, rockets, bombs, and a 30 mm canon loaded onto your army Apache gunship strike gunner helicopter. Construct a chaos and panic situation with the sudden attack on your enemies, take your gunner combat army shooting helicopter and use the fire power with heavy machine guns using precision loaded guns to demolish the enemy’s militia and military bases in this deadliest combat experience, this army helicopter shooting combines amazing gunship battle strike techniques and tactics, flying skills and thrill and a great amount of ruthless. This combat assault army helicopter simulator adventure will test your fighting and army helicopter flying skills in rigorous and competitive front line battlefield war-zone.

Be a pro army air assault helicopter angry fighter pilot and engage combat missions against future tanks engaged in the war across the territory, beware of the enemy’s strategies as they have installed anti-aircraft guns inside the hidden bunkers for shooting down and to eliminate the Apache gunship strike against the army helicopters, your duty is to launch an assault air strike and attack on the enemy bases to eliminate the terrorists. Use your gunner fire power and weapons to kill the enemies and demolish their bases to win the great gunship army helicopter shooting strike that combines tactics, flying skills and the ruthless to destroy the enemy air fighter jet planes.

Engage into the epic warfare to become a pilot of the most advance Apache gunship cobra strike helicopters, steer your war assault choppers through the rockets that will be shot at you from the enemy bunkers and army bases. Steer the world’s most advance and tactical combat army helicopters and gunners at your fingertips, tactical reports shows that the rebel forces and enemies have setup their military bases and are preparing an offensive strike against the super city, this will result in the full scale war, your target is to destroy bases, bunkers, logistics and weapons along with the air strike dogfight. Your army helicopter gunship striker is fully capable to handle all situation, loaded with the radar system and it’s the latest army combat gunship strike helicopter of all time to take demolish the army of any scale.

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    小巧而不占资源,Army Helicopter Shooting是我用过占用内存最少的动作游戏了,期待它的后续优化