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Army Commando Anti Terrorist

Army Commando Anti Terrorist

  • 大小:0.2M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
The army secret headquarters were invaded by real killer terrorists. Army commandos were there to talk and plan the anti terrorist mission that was soon to be executed against the killer criminal terrorists. There was a stock of modern action weapons and guns to fight and counter the real terrorist in this secret battle. Army commandoes had it all planned and they had written down all the secrets of the anti terrorist mission, but it all got wrecked by some shooter terrorist who invaded the whole place and intruded in the army commando secret headquarters. They all had massive mission’s trainings; the terrorists have modern weapons, guns, shooting skills and killer spirits. They attacked the whole place and knocked the army commandoes down all in one attack.
They miserably arrested the few army commandoes before they even started to attack them back. They attacked them, got them under control and used their heavy fighter and killer trainings on them. All army commandoes were either real injured, shot dead or arrested and assassinated. As the last hope of this anti terrorist mission, you were sent to the rescue of living army commandoes who got attacked and arrested by terrorists.
For this secret mission you have been trained with modern ways, latest fighting strategies, new techniques. You are equipped with modern guns. You have had army trainings to face the danger at every step in this secret anti terrorist mission. You are trained to complete a mission and win a war using real modern guns and army commando skills.
Be the real army super hero among the other army commandoes, don’t fear the attacks of terrorists, don’t stay back, step ahead and destroy the modern weapons and ways of terrorists. Play the role of a army commando who joined army real military to serve his country & protect every army secret base from terrorists, criminals and war initiating people in this free to play 3D action filled gun shooting game. You’ll have to kill real terrorists & diffuse bombs in order to save your country & each one of its army commando base. It’s not a game; it’s a battle, a combat, a special ops army military mission! Your mission is to infiltrate real killer terrorist enemy’s stronghold & collect evidence while killing and brutally attacking all the terrorists. Terrorists know that a secret operation is being planned against them so in order to destroy the evidences they have started a war against the anti terrorist secret mission and planted various bombs throughout the stronghold. Your mission is to diffuse all the bombs, kill the entire terrorist & secure the building. Evil plans of the criminal terrorists might be fun & games for them but for you it’s a serious commando call and a secret mission, a duty.
Army is providing its commandoes with modern weapons & super weapons to combat and attack the enemy & win this war. Use the various modern weapons & real military guns provided by military army to strike hard & kill the terrorists in this super secret mission

Key Features of Army commando anti terrorist :

1- Amazing gun selection
2- Real army commando fight
3- War and battleship based game play
4- Brutal Killing and massive gun attacks
5- Secret and impossible missions to complete
6- Hard to defeat enemies, modern weapons to compete with
7- Amazing killings attacking sounds
8- Giant real 3D environment to explore

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