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  • 大小:26.4M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Like Kalah, Mancala, Congkak? You'll like Arkaneum!
Very simple, yet fun way to play this traditional game, on steroid!

Arkaneum is actually based on the Congkak game, one of the Kalah/Mancala variants. In Arkaneum, you travel from one planet to another to play against your opponent. Solve the mission objectives in each quadrants of each planets to win.

Basic GamePlay
You can capture your opponent's ores if your ore distribution ends at an empty container. However you lose a turn after that. If you end distributing ores at the Teleporter, you earn a free turn. Single Arkaneum ores can mutate into Arkanites Ores randomly. Arkanites are very valuable so try to capture them if you see the opportunity to do so.

Easy to play:
- Missons mode - solve puzzles with different kind of objectives
- Custom mode - select how many marbles you want to play and have fun!

Arkaneum is a great time waster while waiting for somebody, or something. Play it on a train or while waiting for a bus. Sharpen your mind (or your kid's) with this game as it invites player to do mind maths to capture opponents marbles.

版本: 2.3 | 更新时间: 17-07-27 展开更多



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    Arkaneum 的评论不应该这么冷清啊,我来加把力
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    动作游戏里我极力推荐这个Arkaneum ,本人真实使用感受告诉你不会错的
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    正在等待Arkaneum 下载完毕,为了能够遇到一个符合我预期的动作游戏软件,真是费了老劲了。