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Arena Titans

Arena Titans

  • 大小:50.9M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Arena Titans
Arena Titans
Arena Titans
Arena Titans
Arena Titans
Arena Titans
The spectacular games used to be hosted in ancient Roman and cheered by the roar of bloodthirsty crowds now has been moved to a aircraft in the outer space, and the contestants are no longer to be human gladiators but robot warriors with shiny armor and heavy weapons. Though the time is changed, the rule remains the same - No quarter given! No mercy shown! Only one warrior can walk out of the arena alive! Now are you ready to take your brave and skilled warrior to fight an epic battle against an endless onslaught of bloodthirsty enemies and see him rise from the ashes?

* Endless challenges.
* Six different warriors available.
* Two operating modes.
* A number of powerups and skills to use and upgrade.
* Share your achievements with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
* Amazing graphics.
* Lifelike physics.

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版本: 1.0.0 | 更新时间: 17-07-27 展开更多



Arena Titans评论

  • 1楼 华军网友 2017-07-23 18:37:50
    这个Arena Titans在动作游戏里算不算好用的软件啊,之前用过其它的,但是感觉都不是很让我满意。
  • 2楼 华军网友 2017-06-24 19:17:21
  • 3楼 华军网友 2017-04-01 17:01:30
    很好,Arena Titans1.0.0已安装并使用了,谢谢!