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Archery King Crusher

Archery King Crusher

  • 大小:68.8M
  • 语言:英语
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Archery King Crusher is fun and extremely simple game featuring archery sport. The game presents the player with 20 different unique levels where the player has to hit the target.

In the beginner levels the targets would be static or non moving but as the player successfully completes the levels and moves forward, the targets would become difficult to hit. The player would be presented with situations where the targets might be moving on different speed and towards different directions or some times the target might be blocked by some kind of hurdles and the player has to shoot his arrow in a way that it still reaches the target.

we have tested all the levels and all the levels are achievable but you might require a specific Bow and Arrow set to complete a specific level.

Player would have, at his/her disposal, 6 different Bow and Arrow sets which can be purchased using in game currency which can be earned by completing levels or by watching video ads or by making in-app purchases.

Archery King Crusher presents very colorful and simplistic graphics and sounds for the players to enjoy. The game presents very basic physics for bow and arrow.

Keep it in mind that each set has different set of attributes so you might want to check them all out before purchasing them.

we hope you enjoy the game and do let us know through review if you liked it or not. or if you have any suggestion to make this game better.
or you can reach us through facebook or twitter.

Credits :

Music : Jazz Comedy by www.bensound.com

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  • 2楼 华军网友 2017-05-08 14:22:02
    我觉得Archery King Crusher 这款软件很不错,支持华军软件园,希望越做越好!
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    很好,Archery King Crusher 1已安装并使用了,谢谢!