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Future Balance

Future Balance

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You deserve less financial stress in your life! Always have money for your needs by knowing the foreseeable future of your bank account balance.

1. Add your expected income and expenses.
2. Fill in your bank account balance.
3. See where you stand now and in the future: how much you're over or under each month, how much time you have before you’ll come up short, etc.

Stop being overwhelmed trying to keep up with categorizing every transaction.
Become a successful provider for your family by always being able to pay bills on time, save up for vacations, and know where you stand.

When you add the transactions you expect to happen, along with your bank account balance, Future Balance will tell you how much extra money you have! If you'll come up short, it will tell you when and by how much. It's unlike other apps that give you the daily work of going through every transaction that shows up in your bank account, categorizing them, etc. With Future Balance, what's past is past. Only the future matters.

Your information is safe! Future Balance doesn't even ask for permission to connect to the internet! Future Balance never asks for your bank's name or account number. Future Balance and its affiliates never use your data or share it with anyone (unless legally required). It does not contact your bank for any reason. In fact, as of this version, the data never even leaves your device!

For utilities or other bills that may change each month, you can estimate the amount. Often (especially utility companies) have an "equal payment" plan that evens out the payments throughout the year, which can simplify the work.

To be safe, if you don't use direct deposit for your paychecks, you may want to put the latest possible date that you'd deposit it. If you don't use automatic bill pay, you may want to put the soonest date that it would come out of your bank account.

For groceries and other spending that changes constantly, you can let Future Balance tell you how much you have to work with. If you have a budget or spending pattern, you can estimate the amounts for those and add those as expected transactions. What may work even better is to set up automatic transfers to a separate bank account (or a few) for that spending. If you do that, you can see how much you have in those areas by simply looking at their bank account balance. This works because debit cards (and ATMs) show up immediately in your bank account. If you write checks, you can track those in your check book register, and compare that with what Future Balance shows.

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    之前找了其他的与这个Future Balance类似的软件,唯独这个满意,而且还是免费软件