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FundVisualizer - Mutual Fund Screener

FundVisualizer - Mutual Fund Screener

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Mutual fund comparison tool for financial advisors who want to analyze and compare over 30,000 load, no-load mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), along with over 2,500 indices. Use this free portfolio analysis tool today, or learn more at http://www.putnam.com/fundvisualizer/.

Features multiple charts for fund-to-fund or portfolio comparison:
- Table. Compare over 80 data points for side-by-side comparison.
- Mountain chart. Ability to focus on specific date ranges.
- Bar/line chart. Toggle between and line views, change Y-axis.
- X/Y chart. Three dimensions of comparison: X, Y axis, and dot size. Change what any of those dimensions represent.
- Correlation chart. Assess the risk of high correlations with this chart.
- Sector. Shows details of how fund is represented by sector.
- Asset Allocation. See break-out of fund by asset allocation.
- Top holdings. Tap on a holding to see where it may overlap with other funds.
- Hypotheticals. Enter custom dollar amounts, model periodic contributions or withdrawals.

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Email, print, and share shareholder-approved PDFs with your saved charts.
Import your book of funds and portfolios automatically directly within the tool.

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