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Freedom Money is a research and behavior support system that helps people who want to accumulate enough money to one day have control over their work-life balance, based on what worked for others. It is a collaborative, moderated forum for discovering and sharing what works. It's intergenerational, too: it's for people who are working towards Freedom Money as well as people who have reached it and want to share their experiences for the benefit of future generations.

The core mission of Freedom Money is to help more Americans achieve a baseline level of financial security that will give them control over work-life balance when they are older:

- Show you the behaviors that successful savers say helped them attain financial independence

- Teach you how each behavior impacts the time it takes to reach financial independence, and help you shorten your time to reaching Freedom money by selecting and adopting additional (and improving existing) smart financial behaviors that may work for you

- Provide actions, tools and connections to people you choose to help with adopting the actions

The idea for Freedom Money came when founders, retirement and investing researchers Laura Varas and Chris Brown, were wondering whether it was actually possible, and if so what it took, to achieve a minimum level of financial freedom without having a traditional pension plan. It turns out that it is possible, and so Freedom Money is based on what real people say worked for them. There is no one expert behind Freedom$. It harnesses the power of collective experience by comparing the behaviors of people who achieved a level of financial freedom to those who didn't.

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