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[FX trading for beginners & pros]

> Want to learn what it takes to make money through Forex Trading?
> Begin your FX trading career at Forextream.

Predict the price movements of different currencies together in a community!


Forextream is an application that lets you develop a sense of FX trading by playing a simple game. The game allows users to predict the exchange rate movement of currencies, and simulate trades as if you were live on the market. It is an FX trading simulation & communal-based game where both beginners and experienced traders can exchange opinions on FX trading, while reading the latest news associated with important economic events. By repeatedly practicing virtual trading you can find out your own investment tendencies; and for those who want to give a shot at actual FX trading - you can move to real trading directly from our app.

The main features and functions:

1) Prediction of price movements
Users can practise with a demo account with €200,000 place trades to predict price movements. Trades have a span of one hour using real data from the exchange market, users can experiment at their own pace and in their own time. The number of currency pairs which users can trade increases, as they level up. You have to be wise at using your limited energy at predicting price movements and competing with others to become the best FX trader within the community!

2) Timeline
Users can comment and communicate with others within the app, as well as see other user’s trading performance on their profiles. Users may reply/like posts of other users, in addition to following FX master-users that you admire or would like to compete with!

3) News
You can read news and business events which may influence the exchange markets. Our algorithm picks out important news about FX which users may find useful in decision making.

4) User profile
Users can see their own remarks, records, level and total assets etc. from their profiles. In addition, you can see the history of, and review, your past transactions too.

5) Analysis of investment tendency
You can see your own investment tendencies once you have completed several trades. The investment tendency contains five indicators such as winning percentage, trading diversity, profit average etc.

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