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FinCal - Financial Calculator

FinCal - Financial Calculator

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Wondering how much EMI you would need to pay for a loan you are planning to take? This app will help you calculate it easily. Try with setting different duration, amount or interest and it will quickly provide the EMI as
well the total interest. You can also look at the detailed repayment schedule. Also you can generate the PDF for your EMI calculation and email it. It also includes the repayment schedule.

And it has a calculator to determine how much you should invest monthly to get the desired fund after a particular period of time. If you are already investing, then another calculator will help you getting the value of your investment. Just set duration and expected rate of return and get the results.

For any financial plan to be successful, it is must to consider the impact of inflation. Same money, which is worth of buying something may loose its worth completely because of inflation. A simple inflation calculator gives a good insight about it. It tells the future purchasing power. It also tells how much more you would be require to match to the current value.

And then this app has a calculate to calculate maturity value of your fixed deposits.

Tip & Split is very handy to quickly calculates tip and/or split the bill amount among multiple persons.

All calculators store last calculation so that you can start from where you left.

If you have any feedback to share, please contact on distillogics@gmail.com.

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