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Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

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Financial Solutions by Devoe Technologies, LLC

Financial Solutions is a Time Value of Money program with the most commonly used equations for financial calculations.

The application has 11 Equations:
•Future Value of an Investment
•Future Value of Deposits
•Regular Deposits
•Regular Withdrawals
•Initial Investment
•Minimum Investment
•Regular Payment on a Loan
•Principal on a Loan
•Term of a Loan
•Nominal Interest Rate
•Effective Interest Rate
If you wanted to determine your monthly payment for a car costing $19,000.00, you would use the Regular Payment equation.

Entering the data:

Principle: $19,000.00 (cost of the car)
Interest Rate: 5%
Payments per year: 12
Number of years: 5
Payment: $358.55
You and your wife are expecting and you want to set up a budget to determine how much money you would need to save every month over the next 18 years to yield $60,000.00 for your child's education.  Using the Regular Deposits equations you enter:

Future Value: $60,000.00 (assume cost in 18 years)
Nominal Interest Rate: 1.5%
Deposits Per Year: 12
Number of Years: 18
Deposits: $242.13

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    继续支持Financial Solutions,精品都是通过无数次的更新迭代才成为精品的,我相信Financial Solutions的下一个版本会更出色,加油!!!
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    为什么我更新了Financial Solutions的1.3之后,电脑偶尔会卡一下?大家有遇到同样的情况么?