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FEMSA 2012

FEMSA 2012

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FEMSA 2012
FEMSA 2012
FEMSA 2012
FEMSA 2012
FEMSA 2012
- Explore the FEMSA Annual Report 2012.
- We participate in the non-alcoholic beverage, retail and beer industry. Learn about our company and our strategy: Building on our strengths.
- Read about how our consumer focus, our constant growth and our profitable complexity are the key for our successful business model.
- 2012 was a positive, eventful year
for our company. We again enjoyed strong performances across our core businesses, driven by their strengths to serve and satisfy our consumers’ needs, to generate new avenues for growth, and to profitably convert complexity into opportunity.
- In addition, through our 20% economic interest in Heineken, we continued to benefit from the positive evolution of our investment, as the company again, made great progress in the execution of its global strategy.

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