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Faircent is a trusted channel that let's you lend your money directly to individuals who want to borrow. This person to person or peer to peer lending (or P2P lending) is one of the most innovative financial products of recent times.

Faircent introduces you to creditworthy borrowers to whom you can lend money, at a fair interest rate agreed upon by you and the borrower. Using Faircent is highly profitable and convenient as you can carry out the entire process online, without the intervention of any financial institution such as a bank.

What can you do on Faircent?

Review borrowers’ profile and send proposals.
Negotiate on the interest rates, tenure of loans, etc.
Get solid returns on your investments.
View transaction updates.
Compare yourself against lead lenders through the Leaderboard.
Can strike a deal on your own, without any intervention from our end.

What you can expect from Faircent?

Minimal institutional charges.
A list of recommended borrowers to choose from.
Assistance and support throughout your journey.
No much paper work.

How to go about lending?

Register online.
Gain access to a list of borrower candidates.
Select a borrower, negotiate on a deal.
Once the deal is finalised, sign an agreement .
Transfer money to the borrower’s personal account.
The borrower in turn issues Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) to you.

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